Merrillee Pallansch


Merrillee Pallansch

2808 Woodlawn Avenue
Falls Church, Virginia 22042

Come, let’s pretend together and visit lands of make believe with wondrous tales of pixies, fairies, giants, witches, dragons, magical mice, and clever cats – where a fish might fly or a flower sing – of people both wise and foolish

My stories are for all ages and are drawn from many cultures. Come, travel around the world with me as I spin tales for you – tales from near and far.

Programs Offered

Partial Selection:

  • Greek Myth
  • Spooky Story
  • Santa and “Nameless”
  • Romantic Tales
  • Southern Folktales
  • Tales with Sung introduction

I narrate stories being performed by music groups, from instrumental duets to symphony orchestras.

To discuss and schedule the kind of stories you would like to hear, contact Merrillee using the email address or phone number shown and visit her other website to hear snippets of the programs above.


  • Folk and storytelling festivals
  • Channel 53 (Fairfax County Cable)
  • Corcoran Art Gallery
  • White House
  • Warner Theater (Helen Hayes Gallery)
  • National Zoo
  • Schools
  • Churches
  • Private Parties
  • Retirement Home