Jane Dorfman


Jane tells tales of dutiful daughters and wise women, faithful sons and wicked kings, of magic skipping ropes and Irish heroes, of the angel Elijah and the fools of Chelm, of tricky animals and clever kids. She tells stories for children and adults at festivals and in libraries and in the schools. She loves stories that carry the listener away. The world has an amazing heritage of stories and she wants to pass them on.

Jane has performed at the Smithsonian Institution and on television Channel 32’s holiday storytelling program. She is a repeat teller at the Washington Folk Festival and Voices-in-the-Glen Festival and to storytelling classes at The University of Maryland and Catholic University. She’s told stories at the Virginia Celtic Festival, Rockville Festival of the Arts, The Elva Van Winkle Memorial Storytelling Festival and others. She has also conducted a workshop on how to get started storytelling for the Maryland Library Association.

Jane Dorfman is a performing member and president of Voices-in-the-Glen, and a member of the National Storytelling Network.

As a Children’s Librarian, she knows the importance of reading. Her children’s programs are age appropriate, and for the younger ones-build in lots of opportunities to join in the telling.

You can have a lively, engaging program for a very reasonable fee.  CHECK OUT HER ARABIAN NIGHTS VIDEO HERE!. A program for adults.


Contact me by phone at 301 654-5818, or mail 7807 Custer Rd, Bethesda, MD 20814,

or , easiest of all, by email dorfmanjo@gmail.com


  • Daughters-Dutiful and not so- Stories of strong minded young women, princesses and commoners and one who got help from the fairies.
  • A Few Good Men- Tales of faithful sons and loving husbands. The good deed rewarded and education paying off.
  • Stories for Preschooolers- Some well known, some new, a few props and lots of participation. Stories suitable for the age that won’t put their caregivers to sleep.
  • Luck of the Irish- Tales of the great Irish heroes and the clever common folk from the land that gave us some of the world’s best stories.
  • Well Traveled Tales- Nothing goes round the world faster than a good story, but they change as they go. Stories from the Scottish travelers, our own Appalachian Mountains, and the Deep South.
  • Godfather Death and Friends- The Grimm Brothers’ story of a man who picked an unusual Godfather for his son and some others who tried to cheat death.
  • Tales from the Jewish Traditions- Stories of the angel Elijah, the foolishly wise citizens of Chelm and some little known Jewish fairy tales.
  • No so Grim Grimm- Heroic younger sons, fools who come out on top, and shrewd women, some of the happier tales.
  • Stories for Halloween- Ghosts, ghouls, and haunts. Some scary, some not.
  • Magic and Delight -Stories of Eleanor Farjeon- Lovely literary stories about magic and fairies that take the listener back to a simpler time.
  • Others Available Upon Request


“The Children were delighted with the stories that she told them and we enjoyed the quiet, effective manner in which she presented her stories. She has a way of mesmerizing her audience and immersing them in the tales.”

– Quiby Frank, Librarian, Green Hedges School.

“Ms. Dorfman’s storytelling was a tremendous hit at Mark Twain. The students were so enthralled we invited her back a second time. Ms. Dorfman had the entire room spellbound by her tales-not an easy task with middle school students.”

– Sherry Weiss, Media Specialist, Mark Twain School

“You really captivated the audience last night, at the Rock Creek Gallery, with your lyrical voice and manner–an audience of grown-ups, I might add, who didn’t come expecting folktales!”

– Anne Lane Sheldon