Ellouise Schoettler


Ellouise Schoettler

Discover the New Front Porch:  Storytelling entertainment meets cultural preservation when audiences gather to hear storyteller and educator Ellouise Schoettler tell her stories.

A professional storyteller for nearly 20 years, Ellouise Schoettler grew up in North Carolina listening to aunts and uncles spin tales on Granny’s front porch.  Now Ellouise creates stories and delivers themed programs that offer audiences a new kind of front porch experience.  Ellouise’s New Front Porch experience leaves audiences awakened to the importance of their own personal and family stories.

On the New Front Porch, Ellouise’s surprising combinations of original tales and traditional stories blend with primary source historical research, personal political experience and family stories to give voice to the uncommon experience of ordinary men and women throughout American history.

Voices that could otherwise never be heard become stories audiences remember.

Adults, teens, children, university womens studies and art history students and senior community residents along with audiences of all ages are drawn to Ellouise’s New Front Porch experience.

Story choices can be tailored by specific age ranges or for student groups with specific curriculum needs.


Recent venues include:   Exchange Place Stage, 2009 National Storytelling Festival, Jonesborough, TN;  Telling Moments Theater, Washington, D.C.;  UNC-Asheville, Ashville, NC;  Williamsburg Storytelling Festival, Williamsburg, VA;  Appalachian Festival, Frostburg, MD;  Kensington Row Story Salon, Kensington, MD. and many others.


“Ellouise Schoettler’s work reminds us of what is best about being human:  deep emotion, unfailing courage, and gratitude to those who have gone before.  An uncommon artist.”   Elizabeth Ellis, Storyteller