Bob Rovinsky


Bob Rovinsky

3547 Brandywine Street NW,  Washington, D.C. 20008

202-237-1036 (home) 202-815-8707 (mobile)

I am a Founding Member of the Voices In The Glen Storytelling Guild.  In addition I am Past President of, and current teacher of classes in Storytelling, Basic Judaism and other subjects at the Jewish Study Center.

I offer several programs; some for adults and older children; some are for families; and some are for special audiences like religious congregations and retirement communities.  When I perform as a Jewish storyteller, I begin by talking about the role of storytelling in the Jewish tradition, and then proceed to illustrate my talk with many Jewish stories ranging from folk to midrashic to contemporary, and from sources all over the globe.  When I perform as a general storyteller, I tell a variety of stories, including folktales from many cultures, especially Arab folktales, for which I have a special liking from my time living and working in North Africa and Pakistan.  I also tell true stories, stories from many religious traditions, and contemporary stories.  I like funny stories and I like stories that have a moral message for our times.

I have told in many venues: at the National Zoo, the Washington and Takoma Park Folk Festivals, various parks, community and recreation centers, and at retirement homes.  I  taught children in a Southeast D.C. public school how to learn and tell stories and took  them to  perform their stories for the Secretary  of Agriculture and also to perform at Glen Echo Park.  I have a separate program on the role of oral histories in preserving the stories of our lives through the coming generations.

I generally charge $125 for a program plus travel expenses, if it’s out of the D.C. area.  I also tell at reduced rates or donate performances for charity events and fundraisers and for other good causes.  If requested, I can tell with a musician such as David Scheim on the Celtic harp and only ask that you reimburse him for his time and talents.