Bill Mayhew


Bill Mayhew

I have been telling stories for as long as I can remember and to the public for more than thirty years, all over the place, to audiences from kindergarten to senior citizens.

My most common theme is humor. I like to tell funny stories. I tell some grim ones, some sweet ones and quite a few scary ones, but most of them make the audience laugh.

I tell multi-ethnic stories, mostly folktales, with audience participation where appropriate. I also tell classics such as Beowulf, Midas, and Odysseus.

My audio tape, (which I will be glad to sell you), called “D. Crockett, The Cyclops, and Me” has received critical acclaim from all of my relatives.  And I now have a second one,  “Maren and the Bears, and Me” –  seven stories designed to be enjoyed by the five to eight year old crowd, and, of course, adults.  Watch here for more, “xxx,  the xxx, and Me” cd’s !