Storytellers – Performing Members

Born and raised in Jerusalem, trained in theatre and education, Noa Baum is an acclaimed performance artist, educator and workshop facilitator who brings stories to life with her animated and energetic style. Her storytelling builds a bridge of understanding and compassion between East and West, American and Israeli, Arab and Jew, past and present.
lbobrowWidely recognized for her wit and urbanity Laura J. Bobrow  makes fairy tales plausible, poetry accessible and original stories familiar.  Storyteller, author, poet and philosopher, her published work in more than 50 venues extends as far as Abu Dhabi. Her home is in Leesburg, VA.  Her real home is in the world of the imagination.  She is available for storytelling performances, workshops in storytelling and poetry, and as a keynote speaker for any occasion.
Renee Brachfeld is a storyteller and juggler who most often performs with her husband, Mark Novak , a cantor and musician.  She has  performed at schools, synagogues, churches, festivals, and community events throughout the United States.  202-362-3270.
Although Geraldine Buckley sometimes tells ancient folk tales with a nugget of wisdom buried within the narrative, she particularly loves telling true stories quivering with the laughter and lessons learned upon her odd and winding journey. “A teacher, an artist and a supreme storyteller.” Washington City Paper To contact:
Eve Burton and the Dogwood Dogs 4H Community Club, open to children ages 8-18, tell tales in Gaithersburg MD every month of the school year.  Eve also takes the Twinbrook Tellers storytelling group “on the road” to tell stories at area libraries and festivals. She particularly loves Coyote tales, stories from Old Japan, and anything about spunky and resourceful women. Eve may be reached at
mchathamMargaret Chatham enchants you with a wide variety of literary and folk tales, humorous or heart-wrenching, for children or adults. Every program is unique whether she performs at Celtic festivals, holiday celebrations, schools, libraries or private events. 703-698-5456.
Ming Diaz is a storyteller who somehow became sidetracked by the real world into the realm of Electronics Technician for lo, these last 35 years.  Maybe the time spent talking to himself at work helped with presenting strange worlds to children and some terrible shaggy dog stories to adults.  In either venue, Ming has one goal: the middle-distance gaze, the incidental breathing, the open-mouth, lost look on the face of each spellbound listener.  301-737-1576
jdorfmanJane Dorfman tells folk and fairy tales and stories from the Jewish tradition for children and adults. She has told at the Smithsonian, the Voices in the Glen Festival, and the Washington Folk Festival. She has also done tellings for Washington Storytellers Theatre, on Channel 32 and told in schools and libraries. 301-654-5818.
Barbara Effron

Barbara Effron

Barbara Effron‘sStorytime Express” delights children and adults with enchanting multicultural folk and fairy tales.  Guitar and singing bring stories alive and invite audience participation. She has performed at schools, libraries, synagogues, birthday parties, festivals, the Kennedy Center, the Smithsonian, and Busch Gardens.  703-323-1783

Penelope Fleming has toured America with four different acting companies and taught music and drama to ages 3 through 18. She is a voracious reader of picture books and young adult novels: a regular bookstore and library junkie. It seemed only natural that she take up storytelling as well, urged on by her eight-year-old daughter’s daily refrain: “Tell me a story, Momma!”
Linda Fang specializes in ancient Chinese stories.  She has performed at the Kennedy Center, Wolf Trap, and several museums of the Smithsonian Institution.  She has been featured on television and radio.  She co-founded the Washington Storytellers Theatre, a theater that presents storytelling concerts primarily for adults.  301-838-9614.
Linda Goodman, a Virginia Appalachian Mountain native of Melungeon descent, is a professional storyteller who has appeared nationwide. She has been published in the Chicken Soup and Stories for the Heart Series.  Her book, Daughters of the Appalachians, is available through Overmountain Press.
Lights, story, action!  Debbie Griffin entertains her audiences with tales crafted with music, drama, and movement.  She loves to add her special twist to classic fairytales or create her own stories from an over active imagination and family antics.  She specializes in stories for the whole family engaging her audiences in the fun.
Jennifer Hine is a teacher and storyteller who has entertained children and adults in England, Finland, and the United States. She is from Nottinghamshire in England – the land of Robin Hood. or 703-644-4674
skopperStarr Kopper is an artist and storyteller with Voices in the Glen and The Sunday Storytellers. She taught Art at The Norwood School for 25 years and based many art projects on story, myth and poetry.  Examples;  The Tonguecut Sparrow, a Japanese fairly tale, Someone by Walter de la Mare,  the Selfish Giant by Oscar Wilde, and Many Moons by James Thurber.  She is a member of SCBWI  and is working on a middle grade novel and several pucture books. She lives in DC half time and Maine half time. Her website is , email address:
Lorna Kundert, children’s librarian, most enjoys telling her own adaptations of folk and fairy tales to kids and adults.  She has told extensively in Fairfax County libraries and schools, Arlington County libraries, as well as at the Washington Folk Festival, the Northern Virginia Folk Festival and other community events.  703-820-7297.
jleottaJoan Leotta, Storyteller, Writer, Speaker Tells for all ages, teaches writing and storytelling for K-adult, and speaks on creativity to children, parents and teachers. Reach her via email at
Timothy Livengood tells allegedly humorous stories for children and for adults who can listen like children. He also has a story or two of the other variety. He has a great fondness for non-sequitur, incongruity, and irreverence, and he cooks. He can be reached at 410-997-0950 or
glloydGary Lloyd has told to more than 850,000 listeners in 7 states over 14 years.  He has 18 programs for all ages and will gladly create a custom theme one for you with only three weeks lead time.  Contact him at 703-825-7629 or
Lauren Martino tells lively folktales for young listeners where the bad guys get what they deserve and hardly anyone stays eaten. She has performed at libraries, local businesses and the Washington Folk Festival. She has been entertaining wiggly preschoolers on a weekly basis for over four years.
bmayhewBill Mayhew has been telling stories for twenty years or more, in schools and out, from kindergarten through senior citizens, at book stores, festivals, historical re-enactments, birthday parties, campfires, the Kennedy Center, and science fiction conventions. In addition to his family-acclaimed audio tape “D. Crockett, the Cyclops, and Me,” he now has a CD for ages 4-9: “Maren and the Bears and Me.” 301-595-7920.
MurayElaine Muray integrates movement and narration to deliver tales from around the world as well as personal stories.  She has performed at the Australian Storytelling Festival, Jemez Storytelling Festival, Northlands Storytelling Conference and Story Crossroads Festival. In 2008 she was chosen by her peers as the sole performer presenting her 5-state region at the National Storytelling Conference All Regions Concert.
Miriam Nadel has performed folk tales, personal stories and original fairy tales at venues ranging from a Hollywood art gallery to the Washington Folk Festival.   She also teaches numerous workshops on family storytelling and on the serious matter of being funny.   All of the stories she tells are true, whether or not they happened that way.
mpallansch2Merrillee Pallansch tells stories drawn from folk and fairy tales, adapting them to her own individual style.  Her programs reach out to all ages, and she performs for schools, libraries, senior citizen groups, and birthday parties.  Presently she is also teaching others the joy of creating their own tales.  703-532-0137.
Cricket Parmalee has been telling stories for adults in the DC area for some 10 years now. She also travels nationwide for her college, hosting alumni story swaps. or 301-588-3912.
Baltimore based storyteller Chris Potts tells mythical, folk and fairy tales from the worldwide oral narrative tradition as well as original personal stories for all ages of audience, pre-K through adult, in workshop, education and performance venues.  Currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Storytelling, she can be contacted at
robertrovinsky1Bob Rovinsky, one of the founders of Voices in the Glen,  tells stories to both adults and families.  While Bob tells folktales and true tales from every tradition, lately he has been focusing on Jewish and Arab stories “from the heart” especially those that teach lessons and offer hope.
Zoe Sagalow has told stories since she could talk and has performed at local festivals since she was 8.  She likes to tell folktales because they contain universal and lasting messages that reach everyone’s heart.  She hopes that sharing them will bring people closer to each other.
Ellouise-portrait-bw-2Ellouise Schoettler known for stories with “heart and humor” and history, recently launched a new story, The Hello Girls, at the 2014 Capital Fringe to critical acclaim including a review in the Washington Post. Schoettler, a NC native based in Maryland, performs nationwide for adult and family audiences. In Maryland she hosts two local cable tv shows which feature storytelling and storytellers and produces a monthly storytelling series at the Friendship Heights Village Community Center, Chevy Chase, MD.
Anne Sheldon has performed widely in the DC area–Discovery Theater, Capital Children’s Museum, “Three Stories Tall,” and in the rhino cage at the National Zoo (sans rhino.)  She specializes in literary tales and narrative poetry.  301-588-5516.
Always lively and entertaining, Charlotte Smutko is a master storyteller in the Washington, DC, Metropolitan area. She conducts workshops, has performed at festivals, libraries, special events at schools and at birthday parties. Folk tales, stories with songs, participatory stories for young children and ghost stories are her specialties. For information call: 301-627-3023.
Marc Young’s presentations of Jewish folklore delight listeners of all ages. He has performed at Baltimore Tellabration, the Washington Folk Festival, and the Hans Christian Andersen Storytelling series in NYC. Marc’s most memorable storytelling experience occurred at Serengeti N.P., Tanzania, where he was heckled by a troop of olive baboons.