Twinbrook Tellers at the Montgomery County Harvest Festival, October 7, 2017

What a glorious day for telling tales at the Montgomery County Harvest Festival! The weather was sunny, breezy and warm. There were plenty of people and activities, but it never felt crowded or rushed. And best of all the storytelling was terrific!

The Twinbrook Tellers performed two sets, the first on the “Front Porch” stage, in warmer-than-we-might-have-liked full sun, and the second on the larger, shadier and better-attended “Hay Barracks” stage. At both sets we were preceded by Janice “The Griot” Curtis Greene. Janice, past president and lifetime member of The Griot’s Circle of Maryland, is a wonderful teller. We felt privileged  to enjoy her storytelling, and appreciative that she stayed to hear ours. She, like most professional storytellers, enjoys hearing the upcoming generation of tellers  developing and sharing their storytelling skills.

Our program, emceed by Noah, included:

Lily:The Kitten and the Falling Leaves by William Wordsworth and Isabel by Ogden Nash.

Peter: Calico Pie by Edward Lear

Chrissy:  How to Quarrel, a folk tale from Laos

Evelyn: Fox and Crow, an Aesop’s Fable

John: The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere, by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Clare: The Raven by Edgar Alan Po

Noah: American folktale Alfred Bellhop Stormalong

We had to deal with a couple of glitches – unexpectedly switching stages, performing in full sun, having no microphone for the first set, having a “hay play” area right behind our tellers at the second set – but the kids handled the difficulties and distractions like pros. They did us all proud today!!!

submitted by eve burton

October 7, 2017

VITG at The Washington Folk Festival at Glen Echo Park

Way back in the beginning of June – June 3d and 4th –  storytellers from the D.C. Metro Area entertained audiences at the 37th Annual Washington Folk Festival at Glen Echo Park. There was storytelling all day, both days in the Puppet Theater  and also on the Yurt Village Stage. Tellers included: Janice Curtis Green, Diane Macklin, Ming Diaz, Anne Sheldon, Arianna Ross, MyLinda Butterworth, Laura J. Bobrow, Michael Fleming, Chelise Fox, Tom Livengood, Jane Dorfman, Barbara Effron, Lauren Martino, Candace Wolf, Baba Jamal Koram, Gary Lloyd, Jennifer Hine, Marc Young, The Twinbrook Tellers, Miriam Nadel, Margaret Chatham, and Elsa Sellmeyer.

The Twinbrook Tellers

The Twinbrook Tellers








The Twinbrook Tellers

Eve Burton


Miriam Nadel

Margaret Chatham


Elsa Sellmeyer




Elsa Sellmeyer









If you don’t see a picture of your favorite teller from this event, it’s because I didn’t have a photo to include. Feel free to send us pictures from this event or information and photos about other storytelling events. We love to post them on our website!


Twinbrook Tellers at the Gaithersburg Book Festival

Eve Burton and The Twinbrook Tellers performed at the Gaithersburg Book Festival, Saturday, May 20, 2017. 

Their fearless leader, eve burton, (that’s me – or “I” if you’re fussy) began the telling with an Arabic folktale, The Three Liars and the Brass Farthing from the book The Fairy Tale Tree.

Eve was followed by Evelyn who told the story  In a Village by the Sea, from the book of that title by  Muon Van  and  The Moon Was but a Chin of Gold by Emily Dickinson.


Rishi made his debut with our group, telling  The Story of the King of Bright Moonlight.
He seemed as comfortable onstage as if he’d been doing it for years. Congratulations, Rishi!

Eve closed the set with a story for the parents, The Scholar of Bagdad, an approximation of the story as told in Apples from Heaven: Multicultural Folktales about Stories and Storytelling, by Naomi Baltuck.

Submitted by eve burton


Twinbrook Tellers at Day of the Book 2017

The Kensington Park Celebration of the International Day of the Book was held Sunday, April 23, 2017, and TheTwinbrook Tellers of the Dogwood Dogs 4H Club were there!

Since we were performing on the Poetry Stage, several of our storytellers presented poetry.



Lily opened our set with a delightful telling of Custard the Dragon  by Ogden Nash.




John gave us a spooky Jabberwocky by Lewis Carroll.




Chrissy shared her favorite poet Emily Dickinson, with a recitation of I’m Nobody.





Clare, ever one to enjoy a humorous rhyme, chose Be Glad Your Nose is on Your Face by Jack Prelutsky.




Celia brought us back to the Romantic era and the current season with William Wordsworth’s ever-favorite, Daffodils.



Then we had storytelling. Evelyn told a nesting tale, In the Village By the Sea by Muon Van.





Noah shared Talk, an African Folktale.



And I, eve burton, leader of the Twinbrook Tellers, wrapped up our set with The Scholar of Baghdad, a tale from Apples from Heaven: Multicultural Folktales about Stories and Storytellers by  Naomi Baltuck.

The Twinbrook Tellers were followed by a second group led by eve burton , The Summer Poetry Workshop, a group of women poets who meet twice each month in Laytonsville/Gaithersburg MD to read, write and talk about poetry. One of the women in our poetry group, Sheila Burns, is also the mother of one of the Twinbrook Tellers. Louise Capon is mother to a former Twinbrook Teller. Other poets reading from our group included Kate Berman, Raylynn Oliver; and Kim Malinowski who has a book coming out soon, Death: A Love Story, and will be a featured poet in Faerie Magazine in the fall. Each of the poets in our group read selections of her original poetry.

submitted by eve burton, April 30, 2017

Twinbrook Tellers at the Kensington Celebration of the International Day of the Book

Seven storytellers fromIMG_20160424_140020473 The Twinbrook Tellers performed on the Poetry Stage at the 11th annual Celebration of the International Day of the Book in Kensington, MD, Sunday, April 24, 2016.

Celia, age 11, started the program with a confident rendition of Shel Silverstein’s poem Sarah Cynthia Sylvia Stout. She was followed by Andrew, age 9, who told My Lucky Day by Keiko Kasza, the story of a clever pig who outwits a fox. Peter and Evelyn, also  9, told traditional folktales. Peter told a truly cautionary tale in which Tikki, Tikki Tembo. . . actually drowned because of his great, long name. Evelyn told the Lion and the Mouse.

Three teen tellers were performing with the group for the first time. All three had poems to share: Chrissy, The Poison Tester by Shel Silverstein; John, The Fancy Dive, also by Shel Silverstein, and Ode to a Rocket, an inspirational poem written by his grandfather, James M. Cunninham. Clare closed the program with a very dramatic recitation of Little Abigail and the Beautiful Pony, another Shel Silverstein favorite.


The Twinbrook Tellers are storytellers from the Dogwood Dogs 4H Club of Montgomery County, led by Eve Burton. They meet monthly in Gaithersburg, MD, to practice their storytelling skills. They perform at area libraries, senior homes, and local festivals.

The Twinbrook Tellers will be performing next at the FSGW Folk Festival in Glen Echo Park, Sunday June 5, 2016, at 3:00 p.m. Elsa Sellmeyer, of the Twinbrook Tellers, will also be doing a solo performance at the festival, at 1:30 p.m. on the same day.


War of 1812 Reenactment

In the fall of 2014 there was a reenactment of the “Capitol for a day” in Brookeville, MD.  This included period costumes and storytelling.  Below are some pictures of the event.