Two Fun Resources from Cricket Parmalee

Just came across these:
The wikipedia is how people begin and end stories in maybe 50 languages? (and the translations) – check out the turkish!
The storytell i just printed the openers (10 pp!), all in English, sometimes gives languages…
    Long, long ago, when some folk were already dead and others not yet born, there lived a… (Tartar)
    Now, look see.  I wad’n there then so I could’swear etwas the truth, could I now?  but etwas like this, see…  (England)
    on the other hand –
    It all happened long ago, and believe it or not, it is all absolutely true.   (Traditional Irish opening)
    [One i remembered, as it says, from the B.G. The Frog Prince]  In the olden times when wishing still helped…