VITG Monthly Story Swap at the Home of Margaret Chatham, July 29, 2017

Present: me (Margaret Chatham), Bill, Anne, Cricket, Jane, Tim, Marc with his 6-year-old granddaughter Greer.

Bill did a bunch of jokes, including “Bye, Mom”  a “true” experience at a grocery store, ending with him pulling on the old woman’s leg, just as he was pulling ours.

Anne told the story she intended to tell for Sunday school the next morning: midrash on lead-up to Noah’s arc from Does God Have a Big Toe?

I (Margaret Chatham) did the poem “The Muddy Puddle” by Dennis Lee; and Go to Bed, Gecko by Margaret Read MacDonald, learned for the Arlington Firefly Festival. (But our fireflies were done and gone. Oh, well.)

Cricket told “Two Skyscrapers Who Decided to Have a Child” from The Rootabaga Stories of Carl Sandburg

Tim told his own story about jack who wandered right out of his own geological epoch into the time of dinosaurs, to visit the home of the Three Ceratosaurs.

Marc told “The Camel Husband” from a collection of stories from Palestine in the 1920’s.

And, Margaret adds (the next day): Darn — how did I leave out Bill’s telling of Little Monkey by Frank Asch?

submitted by Margaret Chatham