Storytelling Quilt

This is a picture of the, now completed, Storytelling Quilt I made for our son Jonathan Metcalf-Burton, formerly of the Twinbrook Tellers. Jonathan worked incredibly hard to learn these, and other, stories. He is also a musician, so the characters have instruments, most of which Jonathan plays. Raven, Stork, and Woodpecker are from the poem Birds of America by James Broughton. Spider Woman and the Yellow Birds are from the Navajo tale Zinnia: How the Corn Was Saved from the book by Patricia Hruby Powell. Raven and Eagle’s Daughter are from the Northwest Native American tale How Raven Saved the Ancient Peoples, told in several versions. Rabbit is from two stories: Lion and Rabbit, from Favorite Tales from the Panchatantra by Mrudul Tata, and Who’s in Rabbit’s House by Verna Aardema. The “Long One” , the caterpillar in the tree and Elephant are also from Who’s in Rabbit’s House. And the Lion is also from Lion and Rabbit.. The saxophone-playing creature in the middle of the quilt is The Jabberwocky, by Lewis Carroll.

All of the illustrations are original designs, my interpretations of the characters from the stories.

eve burton