VITG Monthly Story Swap at the home of Michael Fleming, May 20, 2017

Seven tellers, three dogs, a parrot, and two additional human listeners gathered at the home of Michael Fleming in Fairfax, VA, for a delightful evening of tales. After introducing us, Bill Mayhew started off with a tale of hunting bear in West Virginia with his uncle. There were also some sheep, a crib, four traps, and some intestines involved. Leave it to Bill.

Michael Fleming followed with a Coyote story, Coyote Steals a Blanket, in which Coyote doesn’t listen to the good advice of Hummingbird, gets into difficulty for not listening, is rescued by Hummingbird, and (spoiler alert) promises not to listen again. Very Coyote.

In keeping with the theme of Native American tales, Margaret Chatham told Gobbleknoll, a Sioux Legend which can be found in Alan Garner’s Collected Folk Tales.




Miriam Nadel explained to us that one of her goals was to learn a story from every country in the world. That said, she had decided to tell a tale from the U.S., and wondered what would be a representative tale. She chose to tell Manhattan is Sinking.

Since we’d gotten on the theme of lies, eve burton told The Three Liars and the Brass Farthing from The Fairy Tale Tree by Vladislav Stanovsky.

Jane Dorfman told Daddy’s on the Roof and He’s Got the Axe, a favorite tale about her neighbors Annie and George.

A new-to-Voices teller, Fred, told us about The Talk, a life-altering, coming-of-age, explanation-of-what-it-means-to-be-an-adult-in-our-family given by his father when he turned eighteen.

That inspired Bill to tell us about Tom the State Trooper, formerly King of the University of Maryland and his escorting of Jesse Jackson to a UM event. And Bill had to include one last joke: Are your Parents Home?

Miriam then told a personal tale about her father whose favorite saying was “When I was your age, I was three years older.”

Nothing could top that, so we decided to stop and eat cookies, fresh summer fruit, and a 5-layer dip that Fred’s wife kindly sent with chips. We hope she’ll join us for the fun next month! And if you’re reading this, and you weren’t there, maybe you’d like to join us too. We welcome all tellers and all good listeners, too!

Submitted by eve burton