Maryland Traditions Apprenticeship Awards and Project Grants

Maryland Traditions applications for Apprenticeship Awards and Project Grants are now open!

Maryland Traditions, the folklife program of the Maryland State Arts Council, is pleased to open applications for its annual Apprenticeship Awards and Project Grants. These two forms of support are designed to help artists and organizations document, preserve, and sustain Maryland’s traditional arts and culture.

The Maryland Traditions Apprenticeship Award funds a year-long period of study between a master and apprentice artist in the folk and traditional arts. These awards support the passing down of cultural knowledge in a wide array of living traditions in Maryland. Past Apprenticeship Award recipients include performers of Nepali folk music (pictured) and Korean drumming, as well as practitioners of Chinese calligraphy and Norwegian rosemåling. Download the application for this award here. Note that Apprenticeship Award applications must be submitted on paper and postmarked before midnight on Friday, Feb. 3, 2017.

The Maryland Traditions Project Grant helps organizations add significance to Maryland’s cultural communities by encouraging and funding professionals as well as community scholars, organizations, and artists working with Maryland’s traditional arts and culture. Past Project Grant-funded activities include the production of an old time fiddle competition, a rowhouse arts festival, and a documentary film on traditional river baptisms. Access the application for this grant here. Note that Project Grant applications must be submitted via eGrant, MSAC’s online grant application system. Instructions are available via the link above. Online submission of applications is due by 5 p.m. on Friday, Feb. 3, 2017.

Technical assistance for Maryland Traditions Apprenticeship Awards and Project Grants is available to all applicants. Please refer any questions or comments to Maryland Traditions Director Chad Edward Buterbaugh at (410) 767-6450 or We hope to hear from you by Feb. 3!